Brad Rusbridge

Space B Dream Sequence Brad Rusbridge Dream Sequence is an exploration of the psyche that finds its expression through the practice of painting. A dream sequence is a well-known storytelling… Continue reading

Tara Gilbee

Project Space Luminous echo Tara Gilbee Luminous Echo is a suite of photo visual works that forms part of a larger series I am developing by experimentation in the studio… Continue reading

Fiona Amundsen

Gallery 2 Like a Body Without Skin Fiona Amundsen This exhibition addresses the relationships between steel manufacturing industries and their mobilisation into a united national front that produced everything from… Continue reading

An Excavation

Gallery 3 An Excavation Katie Paine- Adrian Stojkovich – Angus Baird – Rohan Schwartz – Simon Attwooll – Georgina Cue Curated by Katie Paine The chorus milled around the edge… Continue reading

Sophie Takach

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space life/live Sophie Takach A life, live event to live the finite pressed against an exponential wait seething still spoilt waste weight for the end under… Continue reading


Space B Stratum Rebecca Delange, Betra Fraval, Will Heathcote, Ben Taranto A layer of material, naturally or artificially formed. Like skin, layers on layers. A build-up of materials over time;… Continue reading