Ben Burgess

GALLERY 1 KNOCK OFF BEN BURGESS Meat pie. Meet Guy, the dinkiest di I think you’ll see eye to eye Looking true as blue Southern cross tattoo Cooking kangaroo on… Continue reading

Trudy Moore

GALLERY 2 BETWEEN TWO SUMMERS TRUDY MOORE Trudy Moore uses paper and charcoal to make three-dimensional impressions and two-dimensional studies of objects and architecture. Through this work she explores a… Continue reading

Lauren Bamford

GALLERY 3 THE ROCK HUNTERS LAUREN BAMFORD The Rock Hunters is a photographic series inspired by the shared hobby of artist Lauren Bamford’s grandparents, Bonnie and Roy in the 1960s… Continue reading

Jennifer Whitten

GALLERY 5 ANACHRONY JENNIFER WHITTEN Anachrony noun A discrepancy between the order of events in a story and the order in which they are presented in the plot. Flashback or… Continue reading

Elizabeth Nelson

GALLERY 6 A MIDSUMMER DAY’S DREAM ELIZABETH NELSON A Midsummer Day’s Dream was made primarily on location in the landscape at the Nuggetty Hills in central Victoria. Nelson began work… Continue reading