Amie Anderson

Project Space Hand Conversations Amie Anderson Touching on the nature of relationships, collaboration and inclusion in Arts and Disability studio environments. A series of ‘conversations’ takes place between the artists… Continue reading

Lachlan Herd

Gallery 3 Sentinel

 Lachlan Herd Sentinel explores potential ways in which individuals can assert themselves to natural phenomena. This is considered in the context of an era which is faced… Continue reading

Jia Jia Chen

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space My Cobalt Blue’s Jia Jia Chen The classic blue and white wares of Imperial Chinese porcelain are infamously iconic, this global luxury phenomenon and has… Continue reading

Lucas Golding

Space A Midnight On Thrill Hill Lucas Golding Midnight on Thrill Hill is a collection of my recent kinetic sculptures and abstract acrylic paintings. My sculptures are born from a… Continue reading

Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher

Space B Action Dissipates/Structure Decays Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher Jordan Mitchell-Fletcher’s work is engaged with sculpture as a process-led, open-ended practice. Interested in the idea of materiality as encompassing a conglomerate of… Continue reading

James Murnane

Project Space So Near James Murnane So near seeks to combine James’ research interests of sacred art and contemporary non-representative art making, in the hope of offering small moments of… Continue reading

New Remembering

Gallery 3 New Remembering Katarina Zdjelar (Rotterdam, Netherlands) Emma Waltraud Howes (Berlin, Germany) Makiko Yamamoto (Melbourne, Australia) Louis Porter (London/Melbourne, UK/Australia) Curated by Stephanie Han New-Remembering is an exhibition of… Continue reading

Nicholas Ryrie

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space Human Territories Nicholas Ryrie Going back while thinking ahead In a continual state of projection, the return always provokes previous experience. Decision making is somewhat… Continue reading