Alicia King

Gallery 1 I Watch a lot of Science Fiction Alicia King As our technological systems gain complexity, our natural and digital worlds are seemingly less distinct; merging via a kind… Continue reading

Media Hype

Gallery 3 + 4 Media Hype Devika Bilimoria, Alan Constable, Michelle Hamer, Amanda Marburg, Jackson Slattery, Sean Whittaker- Curated by Juliette Hanson Media Hype brings together the work of six… Continue reading

Rebecca Marshall

Gallery 5 Rabbits Rumble, Dancers Tumble while Cats Meow Rebecca Marshall Whispering some sweet nothing my sometime friend sometime foe Google shares stories. It is hard to ignore these intimate… Continue reading

Shay Colley

Gallery 6 God Trap Shay Colley The practice of intentionally including slight and minor irregularities in Persian rugs is derived from the belief that God is the only perfect being.… Continue reading