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Tree Time

Gallery 3 Tree Time Caitlin Dear with Thomas Schmocker Have you ever hung out with a tree…? Come on a walk through the gardens of the Abbotsford Convent to meet… Continue reading

Wet Nurse (Residue)

Gallery 6 Wet Nurse (Residue) 110% Collective 110% present audiovisual documentation and material residues from their latest project, Wet Nurse, developed during the first iteration of c3’s performance residency in… Continue reading

2019 Hobiennale

c3 Contemporary Art Space (VIC) presents Perpetual Perishing Presence ~ Amalia Lindo & Trent Crawford Sound design by Mitchell Mackintosh c3 Contemporary Art Space presents work by Naarm/Melbourne based artists… Continue reading

c3 Performance Residency
Wet Nurse – 110%

December 2019 | c3 Contemporary Art Space Performance Residency c3 presents a performance of the first iteration of 110% collective’s new work, Wet Nurse, created during c3’s 2019 Performance Residency.… Continue reading

Platonic Informality

Gallery 1 Platonic Informality Ceri Hann (of Public Assembly) This work invites audiences to engage in a kind of three dimensional twister, as one of a group of people holding… Continue reading

Kate Wallace

Gallery 2 Views to remember Kate Wallace Painting to dissimulate. Painting to narrate. Painting as a form of verisimilitude. Painting as a way to remember. In an age saturated by… Continue reading

Travis MacDonald

Gallery 5 Clock Face Travis MacDonald Clock Face, Travis MacDonald’s exhibition, features a selection of new sculptural works concerning time and an ongoing conversation between painting and the everyday object.


Gallery 1 Obliteration, Creation Ohni Blu Momentary obliterations, meditations and creations of a body. These practices play an important part in Ohni’s life and function as a survival strategy as… Continue reading

Siying Zhou

Gallery 1 We Watch Them to Be Ready for Their Arrival Siying Zhou The nuns at the Abbotsford Convent once used this front room to make cakes for the visiting… Continue reading


Gallery 3 Mourning Funes Camille Thomas and Ada Hale Mourning Funes is an exhibition that combines two practices that work with ritual: the ritual of making and ritual made personally… Continue reading