Nicholas Ryrie

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space Human Territories Nicholas Ryrie Going back while thinking ahead In a continual state of projection, the return always provokes previous experience. Decision making is somewhat… Continue reading

Ingmar Apinis

Space A Googly Corners Ingmar Apinis Googly Corners is a tongue in cheek reference to the role of the internet in every artist’s life today. While the internet as a… Continue reading

Concrete Agenda

Space B Concrete Agenda Belle Bassin, Olga Bennett, Emily Ferretti, Pia Murphy, Nell Pearson, Laura Skerlj, Tai Snaith, Kate Tucker and Alice Wormald. Curated by Tai Snaith. Concrete Agenda brings… Continue reading

Bruce Dickson

Project Space Anticipating Stillness Bruce Dickson Through video projection and accompanying sound, I intend to evoke a space where human consciousness approaches mortality. This is a space of undetermined duration,… Continue reading


Gallery 2 Marginal Matthew Grahame, Danny Colombo and Thomas Breakwell Curated by Kelvin Skewes Marginal presents the work of three Melbourne based photographic artists, Matthew Grahame, Danny Colombo and Thomas… Continue reading

Basil Papoutsidis

Gallery 3 Camber Basil Papoutsidis Interested in the sculptural and post-painterly contexts of formalist abstraction, Basil Papoutsidis utilises the aesthetic course of material behaviours, informed by genres such as masculine… Continue reading