Gallery 3
An Excavation
Katie Paine- Adrian Stojkovich – Angus Baird – Rohan Schwartz – Simon Attwooll – Georgina Cue
Curated by Katie Paine

The chorus milled around the edge of the amphitheatre that stretched out before them, backing out onto an endless sky. A young woman sits staring at the clock, waiting. A forensic photographer bends to take a photo, the scene of the crime rendered with a cool offhandedness. The Book is dropped. Pages stick together, letters melt into sticky amorphous pools. An Excavation extends a discourse on history, archives and narrative, querying the way in which events are documented and subsequently remembered. The six exhibiting artists all work with historical material, narratives or archives in some manner, compelled to revisit the past; synthesising and subverting it.

Artist talk: 6th November from 2pm.

You can read the accompanying catalogue here