Floor Plan

GALLERY 1 FLOOR PLAN ANNA GLEESON, TESSY KING, HOLLY MACDONALD, NORIKO NAKAMURA AND MADELEINE THORNTON–SMITH CURATED BY SOPHIA CAI Floor Plan is a group exhibition of object-based works that interrogates… Continue reading

Kathryne Genevieve Honey

Gallery 2 ways to feel unless I’ve done Kathryne Honey Kathryne Genevieve Honey combines disparate imagery and materials to create eclectic photographic based works. Taking inspiration from subjects as varied… Continue reading

Natalia Behaine

GALLERY 3 THE FOREST IN FLAMES NATALIA BEHAINE CURATED BY DANIEL GARDEAZABAL The forest in flames is a video made from overlapping and compositing hundreds of photographs, which meditates on… Continue reading

Khi-Lee Thorpe

GALLERY 5 I HEARD A THOUSAND BLENDED NOTES KHI-LEE THORPE Khi-Lee Thorpe is a Melbourne based visual artist working primarily in abstract painting and collage using bold mark making techniques.… Continue reading

Tori Ferguson

GALLERY 6 STONES YOU MAY OR MAY NOT TURN OVER TORI FERGUSON Stones you may or may not turn over depicts the artist engaged in a subtle repetitive movement: endlessly turning… Continue reading