Eddy Parritt

Space A The Black Sea Eddy Parritt Eddy Parritt’s cumulative painting project The Black Sea traces science fictional narratives through the lens of the sea. Parritt works within an inherited… Continue reading

Rhiannon Slatter

Space B Concrete Rhiannon Slatter Concrete, a series of large scale prints, represents both an extension of and departure from Rhiannon Slatter’s architectural photography. Her fascination with scales of production… Continue reading

Shannon Calcott

Project Space Foam Fields Shannon Calcott Contemporary practice demonstrates that photography can be a prompt, a process, a vehicle, a collective pursuit and not just the physical end of solitary… Continue reading

Natalie Philipatos

Gallery 2 Yes We Can Natalie Philipatos Yes We Can deals with the excessive desire for particular consumer goods intrinsic to Australian young adults (muppies) today. Focusing on dominant interior… Continue reading