Space B
Rebecca Delange, Betra Fraval, Will Heathcote, Ben Taranto

A layer of material, naturally or artificially formed.
Like skin, layers on layers.
A build-up of materials over time; an accumulation.
The strata becomes a record or a map.
Telling a story, of collisions, repetitions, forces, actions.
Upheavals and upthrusts.
A record of motion and time.
Frozen in an organic and organized whole.

The theme of Stratum will be explored through the work of four artists working in sculptural installation based material practices. These artists are working within the context of the Anthropocene, the present geological age of human-influenced climate and environment, breaking down the binary of living and non-living and creating a conversation between action and material, and the physical and non-physical.
These works prompt us to think about the geologic and material as a partner in creativity and meaning making, becoming storytelling matter which acts both as a marker for time/action, and as a metaphor, allowing us to think about how humans relate to and live on the earth.