James Voller

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space Entrance James Voller Entrance places imagery of suburban housing facades from northern Melbourne into the Foyer Space of c3. The photographic intervention engages with the… Continue reading

Ruby Brown

Project Space Multi-Purpose Gap Filler Ruby Brown Brown’s sculptures evolve through an intuitive hunting and gathering process. Working from a studio hoarded with found objects and structures, Brown develops a… Continue reading

Oracular Vernacular

Gallery 2 Oracular Vernacular Nick Briggs, Nanou Dupuis, Linsey Gosper, Leanne Hermosilla, Blake Lawrence, Hernan Lopera, Sherry McLane Alejos, Michael GF Prior, Natalie Ryan, Gemma Smith, Rudi Williams. Curated by… Continue reading

Travers Nash

Gallery 3 A Divine Heist Travers Nash A Divine Heist features a series of assemblages constructed with found objects and hand-built electronics that interrogate the notion of the “sublime” artistic… Continue reading