Alicia King

GALLERY 1 ALIEN NATURE ALICIA KING As we are constantly reminded by popular media, developments in biological technologies stand to revolutionise our experience of being human. This continual bombardment of… Continue reading

Cosima Scales

GALLERY 2 INDOORS COSIMA SCALES Indoors is an exhibition of 9 small-scale, still life paintings; a ripe half-papaya – seeds glistening – a pair of boiled eggs, radishes, an eggplant,… Continue reading

Rodrigo Azaola

GALLERY 3 ARMIDA RODRIGO AZAOLA The same uneasiness with which opera has historically portrayed non-Western cultures still echoes in today’s mass media. Armida is a multimedia installation that explores the… Continue reading

Josephine Mead

GALLERY 4 THE MARKING. JOSEPHINE MEAD I am bounded by the curve, entirely and in parts I am swept up in Algebraic rhythm, without understanding Pain chords sweep me and… Continue reading

Of sampaguita, ilang-ilang

GALLERY 5 OF SAMPAGUITA, ILANG-ILANG CZAR KRISTOFF, LESLEY-ANNE CAO, MJ FLAMIANO Of sampaguita, ilang-ilang contains narrations and reinterpretations of the sampaguita wreath – a common object and persistent industry found… Continue reading

Invisible Bridge

GALLERY 6 INVISIBLE BRIDGE Ro Noonan, John Brooks, Vittoria Di Stefano, Kari McInneny-McRae Invisible Bridge brings together four artists, with overlapping investigatory concerns, working in the area of object-based sculpture.… Continue reading