Hugh Davies

Gallery 1 Spirit Phones Hugh Davies Spirit Phones are electronic devices created for speaking with the dead. They open up an electronic link between the world of the living and… Continue reading

Matthew Dettmer

Gallery 2 Matthew Dettmer “What the hell is with Stonehenge?” For this exhibition, Dettmer presents a new collection of oil paintings that translate a flux of dissociated images into his… Continue reading

Sarah Walker

Gallery 3 Second Sight Sarah Walker Second Sight is an exhibition that examines the human relationship with spirituality, religion, ritual, and faith. Positioning a cynical look at our collective need… Continue reading


Gallery 4 ALTAR Kasia Lynch, Eddy Carroll, Trevor Flinn, Carmen Reid By definition, an altar is an elevated place or structure, a mound or platform where rites are performed or… Continue reading

Matthew McAlpine

Gallery 6 Matthew McAlpine Hesperia: Land looking West Hesperia: Land looking west brings together a series of artworks by Matthew McAlpine, that examine the colonial legacy of Western Australia’s first… Continue reading