Eitan Ritz

Gallery 1 (t)here Eitan Ritz This work is an investigation of the relational space that is between; between a performance and its documentation, and between the words we use to… Continue reading

Matt Fairbridge

Gallery 2 Offcuts Matt Fairbridge Through avenues of sculpture and drawing Matt Fairbridge’s work presents a synthesis of the ancient and the prospective, the stable and the temporary and the… Continue reading

Katie Paine

Gallery 3 Chronophobia Katie Paine Katie Paine uses collage, assemblage, video and text to explore notions of historicity and the archive, through the creation of complex fictions. Within her hybrid… Continue reading

Leanne Failla

Gallery 4 Every Object in My House (In Paper) Leanne Failla Every Object in My House (In Paper) marks the continuation of a process of experimentation and making: exploring notions… Continue reading


Gallery 5 Waves Eliza Dyball, Jeremy Eaton, Kate Golding, Will Heathcote, Shane Nicholas, Emanuel Rodriguez, Vivian Cooper Smith, Nathan Stolz and Siying Zhou This exhibition brings together the work of… Continue reading

Troy Innocent

Gallery 6 Urban Code Troy Innocent Cities are complex systems governed by spatial, social, operational, commercial and cultural codes. They are layered with digital and material traces and are permeated… Continue reading