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The Wind Has Shifted
Yumemi Hiraki and Hilary Dodd

One cannot appreciate the concept of beauty without experiencing the wonder of decay. We find ourselves seeking out experiences that make us feel human. Intangible representations of death and despair give us a reassurance of the present. We discover a newfound recognition for the value of life. Through deep, sensorial explorations, The Wind Has Shifted merges the practices of artists, Yumemi Hiraki and Hilary Dodd. In illustrating the link between life and decay, Hiraki and Dodd shift one’s attention to an unfamiliar emotional state, transporting one’s psyche into the spectrum between serenity and unrest. By means of movement and texture, Hiraki and Dodd’s material investigations resonate a sense of nostalgic memory. They reveal processes of degradation, creating metaphors that remind us of transience and rest. The Wind Has shifted responds to these concepts through concrete, yet ephemeral portrayals, which see comfort and discomfort, past and present, happiness and sorrow, simultaneously apparent, connecting and detaching.