Kirra Jamison

Gallery 1 Foyer Space Spirit is a bone Kirra Jamison For her exhibition at c3, Kirra Jamison has created a large-scale site-specific painting. Drawing upon dark mythologies and childhood fairy… Continue reading

Nina Ross

GALLERY 1 SPACE A STRANGERS TO OURSELVES NINA ROSS We carry our own culture with us wherever we go. There can be a struggle between one’s old and new culture… Continue reading


GALLERY 1 SPACE B AN END IN SIGHT NINA KNEZEVIC An End in Sight is an exhibition of small-format and intimate drawings. Scrutinising old saturated photographic images and Polaroids of… Continue reading


PROJECT ROOM FIGHT OR FLIGHT DARREN HENDERSON Loved, feared, celebrated and even hated, owls have a long running history in many cultures throughout the world. They have been seen as… Continue reading


GALLERY 2 FORGETTING TO SLEEP NICK HALL “Anxiety is the price we pay for civilization” (Sigmund Freud) In the endless march of progress, modern man has become divorced from the… Continue reading


GALLERY 3 STASIS ALIZON GRAY Within this body of work I am exploring the notion of Stasis through an abstract investigation into the materiality and substance of paint which drips,… Continue reading