Britt Salt

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space Formless Britt Salt c3’s foyer is by nature a ‘mid-space’ between exterior and defined-interior space. Formless, an immersive installation, aims to highlight this feature, employing… Continue reading

Lorraine Heller-Nicholas

Space A Couplestalking Lorraine Heller-Nicholas Couplestalking examines everyday relationships, whilst searching for romance in the lives of strangers. Here observation and memory mix together, simultaneously creating a feeling of innocence… Continue reading

Jessie Willow Tucker

Project Space SUPER natural Jessie Willow Tucker Tucker’s hyper-atmospheric water scenes evolve from a painting process that is both therapeutic and celebratory. Saturated with fantasy, they are almost devotional in… Continue reading

Elwyn Murray

Gallery 2 Tunnel Visions Elwyn Murray Tunnel Visions is a sensory installation, a mirrored passage examining our relationships with digital representation and the role of the viewer in such exchanges.… Continue reading

Todd Johnson

Gallery 3 The Archaeology of Urban Spaces Todd Johnson These photographs are the result of collaboration between the camera apparatus and the urban landscape. On a technical level, I have… Continue reading