James Dodd

Gallery 1 River Cycle James Dodd River Cycle is an experiment in invention and adaptation. James Dodd will graft a bicycle to the ubiquitous tinny, producing a cobbled together watercraft.… Continue reading

Tom Blake

Gallery 3 The foam that floats on stagnant pools Tom Blake Via the re-composition of a universal symbol across multiple forms, the foam that floats on stagnant pools contemplates how… Continue reading

Patrick Hamilton

Gallery 4 Post Patrick Hamilton Post is an exhibition of new work by Patrick Hamilton. Combining photography, video, scanned 3D geometry and sculpture, the project flags potential complications inherent in… Continue reading

The News Network Project

Gallery 5 & 6 The News Network Project Alison Alder, Marian Crawford, BaT & Emboss, Neil Emmerson, Richard Harding, Marion Wassenaar, and Trent Walter. The News Network Project examines the… Continue reading