Sophie Takach

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space life/live Sophie Takach A life, live event to live the finite pressed against an exponential wait seething still spoilt waste weight for the end under… Continue reading


Space B Stratum Rebecca Delange, Betra Fraval, Will Heathcote, Ben Taranto A layer of material, naturally or artificially formed. Like skin, layers on layers. A build-up of materials over time;… Continue reading

Amie Anderson

Project Space Hand Conversations Amie Anderson Touching on the nature of relationships, collaboration and inclusion in Arts and Disability studio environments. A series of ‘conversations’ takes place between the artists… Continue reading

Lachlan Herd

Gallery 3 Sentinel

 Lachlan Herd Sentinel explores potential ways in which individuals can assert themselves to natural phenomena. This is considered in the context of an era which is faced… Continue reading