Anita Foard

GALLERY 1 FOYER SPACE GROUND DWELLERS ANITA FOARD The Bodhi tree, under which Buddha attained enlightenment, has infinite ability to shelter create and inspire. Foard is acting as detective in… Continue reading


GALLERY 1 PROJECT ROOM SIGHT LINE DANICA CHAPPELL Each representation of an object or a thing acts on the picture surface and discharges its own unique direction of associations as… Continue reading


GALLERY 1 SPACE B PLANT EATERS JELENA TELECKI My work is addressing a failure, or giving up on trying to fully understand the outcomes of the confused living in-between two… Continue reading

Simon Finn

GALLERY 2 SEQUENTIAL CARTOGRAPHIC DRAWINGS SIMON FINN Studio research has led me to hypothesise a cartographic link between the drawn, the sculpted and visualisation technologies, which I am exploring with… Continue reading


GALLERY 3 PROSPECTIVE FUTURES NICK HALL – TRUDY MOORE – HARRY METCALF – AGNES SO Prospective Futures gathers together four artists who spent the majority of last year within the… Continue reading