Ace-ahio Wagstaff

Gallery 1 – Foyer Space Slave Shapes Ace-ahio Wagstaff Language, visual and otherwise, are signs, representations, ghosts, replicants, that are ordered and controlled to convey the hypothetical, the past, the… Continue reading

Pippa Makgill

Space B Overhang Pippa Makgill Pippa Makgill’s past oeuvre has addressed the idea of shifting materiality and the presence of the ‘formless’ in sculpture. Her new body of work for… Continue reading

Scott Morrison

Project Space Hreyfingarlaus Scott Morrison The works in this exhibition come from a discovery of the Icelandic winter throughout January 2016. The landscapes and conditions encountered are something I’ll never… Continue reading

Ash Tumer

Gallery 2 Savas Ash Tumer As an Australian with a Turkish background I have always felt conflicted by the glorification of ANZAC Day. Savas, literally meaning war in Turkish, explores… Continue reading

Lilach Mileikowski

Gallery 3 Home Land Lilach Mileikowski Issues such as rights and belonging determine and shape the condition of our lives (Rogoff, Irit. 2000. Terra Infirma. London: Routledge). My work explores… Continue reading