December 2019 | c3 Contemporary Art Space Performance Residency
c3 presents a performance of the first iteration of 110% collective’s new work, Wet Nurse, created during c3’s 2019 Performance Residency.

When: Friday 6 + Saturday 7 December 2019, 6:00–9:00pm
Where: c3 Contemporary Art Space, Abbotsford Convent

110% invites you to explore an installation space alive with the humid musk of yeast, the sensual fleshiness of dough, and the visceral grunts, heaves and sighs of performative labour.

Wet Nurse explores choreographies of caregiving through interspecies collaboration, focusing on intimate contact zones between fermentative microorganisms, and the bodies of artists and audiences. During their residency at c3, live yeast cultures reared by the 110% trio in their respective studios in Sydney, Melbourne, and Bienne (Switzerland), will be brought together to create an ephemeral installation of fermenting dough and broth.

The performance unfolds in a humid environment of soft and sweating forms that blends elements of the medical ward, kitchen, construction site and cruising lounge. Combining movement, video projection and live sound from Enderie, 110% will work as sculptor, lover, nurse and mother as they tend to the needs of their microbial collaborators. In this unstable environment, the presence of the audience body and their collective microbial cloud contributes to an elaborate biome of yeast fungi and bacterial cultures.

You can read accompanying texts here

Please note: This performance includes some nudity and occasional loud amplified sounds

About the artists

110% is the collaborative practice of Kieran Bryant, Beth Dillon and Lachlan Herd. We are three artists who create works of live performance, video, installation and sculpture. Our collective is currently based between Sydney, Melbourne and Switzerland.

Our collaboration stems from the intimacy and playfulness of friendship, and continues to grow through conversation, humour, and mutual care. Our practice has developed from a shared interest in amateur choreographies of the body in space; the aesthetics of uniformed labour; and modes of hosting and participation in performance.

Previous works have investigated competitive cultures of positive thinking; explored the relationship between art appreciation and the pursuit of leisure; tested the dynamics of artist-audience relationships; and considered the impact of long-distance separation on collaborative practice and motivation. 110% often stage interventions that play with the presentation of performance in festival, fair and gallery contexts. These interventions may take the form of an interruption, an invitation, an oasis, a sweaty mess.

Since forming our collective in 2013, we have presented large scale installation, performance and exhibition projects for Liveworks Festival (Carriageworks, Sydney), the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art, Firstdraft Gallery, Bus Projects, Underbelly Arts Festival (Cockatoo Island, Sydney) and Sydney Contemporary Art Fair.

Wet Nurse by 110% has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body as well as additional support from The Brunswick Mechanics Institute.

c3 is supported by Artguide Australia, Colour Factory and Blackhearts and Sparrows