Gallery 2
Views to remember
Kate Wallace

Painting to dissimulate. Painting to narrate. Painting as a form of verisimilitude. Painting as a way to remember.

In an age saturated by the digital, painting provides a point of respite amidst the chaos of the everyday. Observing how painting can act as a device to translate and construct memory, Views To Remember explores the capacity of painting to affect the way we see and remember the past. Informed by photographs taken in transit and wait, the works look to relay a narrative of loss amidst the disintegration of environments once known. Working within the sphere of representational painting, Wallace is driven by a desire to record and translate her own experience of place and urban living through scale, cropping, repetition and detail (or lack there of.) In an ever fast and frenzied world, Views to Remember forms part of an ongoing investigation into how past is depicted and preserved through painting.