Gallery 1
Platonic Informality
Ceri Hann (of Public Assembly)

This work invites audiences to engage in a kind of three dimensional twister, as one of a group of people holding lengths of plastic tube in order to form geometric shapes just long enough to be photographed. Awkwardly gesturing toward the unachievable perfection of a platonic solid is an ideal way of contemplating our existence as a valuable artistic material. But will drawing closer together through collective action render otherwise unthinkable platonic relationships more accessible? Platonic Informality actions will take place at random, spontaneous times across the Open Spaces festival weekend with an artist talk at 2pm & 4pm both days. Please feel free to join in the shaping of what might become affectionately known as ‘Platonic Informality’. An additional “arsenal of tools for cultivating collective action” will be on display in Gallery One.