Gallery 3

Lachlan Herd

Sentinel explores potential ways in which individuals can assert themselves to natural phenomena. This is considered in the context of an era which is faced with increasingly disastrous prophesies of catastrophe from various forces of nature. 

Following the horror philosophies of Eugene Thacker and informed by the creative practice of Susan Norrie, the exhibition concentrates on mists and oozes as the unsettling and intangible manifestations of the non-human. Manifestations, which insidiously, seductively and sometimes catastrophically bulge, self-exude and seep into our human worlds. 

 Set up as a Cryptozoologists’ workshop, Sentinel hosts a figure who studies traces and designs devices to record and capture signs of intention within these foggy occurrences. Experimenting with field notes in sound and video taken in the forests of Finland, the sentinel figure attempts to gain some coherent understanding of signals that suggest the emergence of a maliciously sentient spectre of eco-apocalypse.