Gallery 2
Timothy Kendall Edser
Tension 18

The Tension performance installations is an ongoing series of works based on the artist’s hyper awareness of his own physicality, his large build, and the environments in which the body exists. While interested in challenging ideals of masculinity, Edser is interested in how Tension may also highlight the “vulnerability of one’s own body.” Previous Tension works have seen Edser compress and drag his body, run and fall through solid walls, and pose as classical sculpture complete with prosthetic supports, exploring the human body’s limits and endurance, as well as, examining the ideas of masculinity and vulnerability. Using the age old debate “nature vs nurture” as a starting point, Tension 18 investigates whether an individual’s qualities are shaped through hereditary traits versus shared knowledge and experience. Edser explores his relationship with his father and what is learnt and what is inherited.