Gallery 1 – Foyer Space
My Cobalt Blue’s
Jia Jia Chen

The classic blue and white wares of Imperial Chinese porcelain are infamously iconic, this global luxury phenomenon and has been admired, imitated, adapted and perpetually translated into every culture to which it arrives. My Cobalt Blue’s reinterprets these classic ‘goods’ into a new mode of expression, integrating traditional and contemporary ceramic practices with a more personal enquiry into the materiality of ceramics through breaking down conventional methods of making. Focusing on examining the beauty of the traditional Blue and White ceramic materials, by deconstructing them from their functional purposes and breaking them down into their reductive elements, where clay and glaze are no longer unified into a cohesive whole, but separated and re-assembled, into a miniature landscape in reference to classical Chinese rock gardens. Jia Jia Chen is a Chinese Australian, Melbourne based ceramic designer and artist.