Gallery 2
My brothers are good at building things but I’m pretty okay at laying bricks
Kate Price

I guess I’m okay at laying bricks. Sturdy, straight, one after the other. The rhythm is soothing, daily sweet repetition. Although every so often there’s a bump, a mishap, little foreign objects attaching to those smooth stone blocks. They can be all in line, crisp, perfectly organised, contained, and then it changes, buckling, odd shapes coming together, the mortar slapped on here and there. Although in the end those pieces, however formed, keep on going, continuing on.

Drawing from building compositions encountered in Price’s day to day, the seemingly mundane recurrence of brickwork and tile constructions appears to echo the systematic protocol often embedded amongst western social frameworks. Through fluid paintings collaged around the gallery she filters such patterns, highlighting the abstracted forms and interventions of others towards these structures that we live and work within.

All images by Aaron Rees