Gallery 3
A Combinatorial Explosion
Amina McConvell

A Combinatorial Explosion is a new body of installation and mural work which looks at exponential, cascading chain reactions that occur in nuclear explosions. Within the context of this work, these chain reactions function as a signifier of a potential global catastrophe; whereby growth occurs too rapidly and decay soon follows. Through geometric conceptualism, abstract geometric forms convey the stages of a nuclear reaction. The diagrammatic forms create a progressive abstract composition, within which, one form triggers another, and then another, and another in progression. The abstract forms are cartoon graphic, geometric and hard edged; and are situated in a shifting spatial landscape. This progression of shapes and forms makes its way around the gallery, so that the space becomes enveloped by a single large-scale composition.
This project is supported by the Australia Council for the Arts.

All images by Aaron Rees