Gallery 1
Terraform & Utopia: towards a new socialism on Mars
Kurt Medenbach

This exhibition is an installation of artefacts from an imagined colonisation of Mars. Kurt Medenbach blends elements of science fiction with the aesthetics of advertising and the utopian vision of French philosopher Charles Fourier. The exhibition places us on Mars thirty million years in the future: a future in which a polluted Earth has necessitated relocation to a hostile Mars and where new myths are constructed from the remnants of our consumerist society. The installation questions a futurist vision of a world saved by capitalism and places the utopian vision at the heart of the current world crisis. Fractured representations of the past are used to explore a contemporary world on the brink of collapse. Terraform & Utopia asks what a future colonised by capitalism and oversaturated, with an aesthetics of the free market, might look like.


All images by Aaron Rees