Gallery 2
Matt Fairbridge

Through avenues of sculpture and drawing Matt Fairbridge’s work presents a synthesis of the ancient and the prospective, the stable and the temporary and the linguistic and the technological. Using materials simultaneously indicative of ancient times and contemporary styles, the work contains almost unnoticeable relief abstractions contained within framing or freestanding structures utilised as supports. The imagery is conceived of an amalgam between floor plan, glyph, architectural design and ornamentation, among other references, producing something akin to a glimpse of a lost, or yet-to-be-known world. They are constructed from a palate of collaged details that could be subjectively decipherable whilst simultaneously examining on the general proliferation and extinction of language and styles known and unknown. Extracting abstract qualities from a range of sources has resulted in a more intuitive practice, each work essentially constructing itself from an igniting gesture. What follows is a blurring between artefact, art and design and a melding together of support structure and artwork.