Gallery 5
Eliza Dyball, Jeremy Eaton, Kate Golding, Will Heathcote, Shane Nicholas, Emanuel Rodriguez, Vivian Cooper Smith, Nathan Stolz and Siying Zhou

This exhibition brings together the work of eleven artists who are all undertaking research degrees at VCA. Despite working across painting, photography, sculptural and spatial practice, performance, video and animation, there’s considerable conceptual overlap and resonances throughout the group. Working within the heuristic academic environment allows common ground to be embraced in ways not readily available in everyday art practice. This exhibition is an opportunity to explore these shared interests through practice, curatorship and presentation. Rather than simply being a group display of individual artworks, the artists will trace lines and intersections through each other’s work, collaborating or responding, occupying common ground or contesting territory. It is an opportunity to expand learning and practice beyond the limitations of individual research or medium specific outcomes while also providing a space to experiment and develop ongoing concerns.