Gallery 3
Katie Paine

Katie Paine uses collage, assemblage, video and text to explore notions of historicity and the archive, through the creation of complex fictions. Within her hybrid practice, Paine explores the way that events are documented and integrated into our collective understanding of history. The term Chronophobia is defined as a fear of time: in her work Paine explores the act of making as an act of recovery – creating new constructed images and texts as a way of creating points of stasis. For Chronophobia, Paine examines the theatrical tableaux to create a discordant microcosm within which figures from Baroque painting mingle with medical manuscripts, archaeological relics and science fiction-like scenes. The staged installation represents a fissure in time, binding collected objects and images in an alternate chronology, one that questions our dependency on Western linear ‘clock’ time. Slippages between a multitude of narratives and medium explore the fallibility of the image’s ability to capture a single moment in time, dragging our accepted notions of the archive into an unsettling territory.

You can read the catalogue essay, here: Chronophobia

Images courtesy Vivian Cooper Smith