Space A
Blossoms Fall, Spill And Echo
Kirra Scotland, Natalie Rambaldi

Walking through the convent in December, Kirra and Natalie passed a Jacaranda tree in full bloom. The blossoms fell, carpeting the ground, spilling out of the space delimited by string enclosing the tree. In Blossoms Fall, Spill and Echo the artists exhibit provisional paintings framed by structural supports that reflect their own image, spilling beyond the structural seams, echoing through the gallery. The structural frameworks appear as domestic architecture, containing and hollowing out the space of installation, evoking household living and recasting traditional conceptions of painting display. The paintings are perceived only in glances, softened in reflections. They are fleeting and occluded, channelling controlled slightness and tending towards self-erasure. A world always already incomplete, lived looking backwards.