Gallery 2
Oracular Vernacular
Nick Briggs, Nanou Dupuis, Linsey Gosper, Leanne Hermosilla, Blake Lawrence, Hernan Lopera, Sherry McLane Alejos, Michael GF Prior, Natalie Ryan, Gemma Smith, Rudi Williams. Curated by Jake Treacy

Independent curator Jake Adam Treacy presents 10 contemporary artists in Oracular Vernacular. Each artist translates their process-based practice like contemporary oracles, channelling and materialising unseen fields. Their art-making processes are akin to diviners, for the artist too is a mediator of invisible energy, as witnessed in their actions and seen in their works. The gallery space becomes a metaphysical laboratory where numinous objects speak of transformation and manifestation. Sacred mathematics, surrealistic automatons, magic spells, holy cadavers and pseudo sciences; alchemy and ceremony, imagined spirituality, psychedelic visions and weird dreams, unconscious communication and séances of memory immerse the visitor in a world between the physical and the psychical. The visitor becomes a quasi-shaman as they employ their smartphones like modern ritual tools, extracting information from the invisible internet ether. Download a free QR code reader app before visiting Oracular Vernacular to experience the digital catalogue.