Gallery 2
Dreaming on a Bus
Violetta Del Conte Race

Dreaming on a Bus is a set of woodcut prints derived from everyday experiences, particularly encounters with constructs such as the urban environment, and notions of lifestyle such as aspirations to luxury. These images both depict and abstract various scenes of the everyday: people in a city street, a close up of a person’s face made generic in its simplicity, or a textural study of the surface of a street or building. The works explore the tension between experiences of bureaucracy, labour and transport and the space of imagination and the subsequent aspirations that inevitably accompany these experiences. The repetitive process of printmaking can be seen as an alternate to the repetitive perfected images we see online/ in real life. In contrast, woodcut printing, due to its slow labour intensive process, leaves room for variation or imperfection.


All images by Vivian Cooper Smith