Gallery 3 + 4
Media Hype
Devika Bilimoria, Alan Constable, Michelle Hamer, Amanda Marburg, Jackson Slattery, Sean Whittaker- Curated by Juliette Hanson

Media Hype brings together the work of six artists who critically engage with materiality, by using one medium to explore another. The exhibition spans painting, drawing, textiles, photography, ceramics, film and installation. The works are hybrid by design, compounding different media in a way that disrupts conventional relationships between medium, form and content. Photography is a binding theme within the exhibition and is integral to all of the artists’ practice: as a point of departure or reference, a source of inspiration, a mode of investigation, and as a practical tool. The exhibition is testament to the ongoing impact of the photographic medium, and an exploration of the limitations and possibilities of digital reproduction. Media Hype focuses on media and materiality as a response to the flattened or virtual world of screen culture, serving as a reminder of the importance of unmediated experience.

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Image Courtesy:
Amanda Marburg
17, 2013
oil on linen, 80 x 100 cm
Courtesy the Artist and Sutton Gallery

All images by Vivian Cooper Smith with the exception of the final Amanda Marburg detail.