Trudy Moore uses paper and charcoal to make three-dimensional impressions and two-dimensional studies of objects and architecture. Through this work she explores a space between drawing and sculpture and considers notions of transformation, abstraction and memory in relation to human experience.

The title of this show, Between Two Summers refers to a recurring segment of time; nine months, three seasons, three quarters of the year. Change, growth, new beginnings. For a significant, often perpetual part of many people’s lives, this segment of time corresponds with the school year. The time spent between two sets of summer holidays. Learning (and sometimes un-learning) about the self, life and other things.

The chair is an object one becomes very familiar with during this time. Sitting in class, sitting at the dinner table, sitting to do homework. Through a series of processes, including sculpture, drawing and collage, this project abstracts the features of a chair into both recognisable and unrecognisable forms. The works consider ideas of repetition, change and artifice, by way of exploring the ongoing segments of time that exist Between Two Summers.