Meat pie.
Meet Guy,
the dinkiest di
I think you’ll see eye to eye

Looking true as blue
Southern cross tattoo
Cooking kangaroo
on his barbecue

He’s a real beaut
Blundstone boot
The biggest dispute
is Ford or Holden ute?

Over Bunnings snags
he stands and brags
“Those ain’t rags
they’re confederate flags”

At Sunday roasts
He mostly boasts
and makes a toast
to Vegemite toast

Ocker as
Wife’s name Shaz
Best mate Baz
Bowling, Gaz!

Singlet tan
Burqa ban
VB can
Now that’s a man

High-vis soaked
Winfield smoke
Country folk
Just a good Aussie bloke

Knock Off presents faux/fabricated objects of Australiana whilst referencing the term “knocking off” from the work site. The exhibition invites patrons to take part in a sausage sizzle and consider what fuels the fire that is the ocker male stereotype in Australian society.