Like many things, anomalous images have found new life over the internet. These images have proliferated alongside developments in camera technology, which has unleashed individuals with the ability to render once ethereal visions into concrete form. In the late 1950s, psychiatrist Carl Jung categorised UFOs and other such mass visions as the by-products of a global psychic distress: humanity’s cry for benevolent liberation from the earthly dilemmas that had resided itself in society’s unconscious. For the first time, masses of individuals have been granted the ability to ‘capture’ such entities. In the light of these developments, analyses such as Jung’s need revisiting in order to truly consider the presence of these documented phenomena.

The Anomalous Image is an ongoing photographic research project that considers the growing pool of images documenting UFOs. This project is developed from in-depth research and participation in the subculture of Telepathic UFO Summoning. This exhibition considers the impact of imaging technology upon truth, belief and world liberation.

Trent Crawford (b. 1995, Melbourne, Australia) is an artist working photography, video, and installation. His work considers the effects images and image-based technology have on human perception and agency. Trent completed a BFA (Honours) at the Victorian College of the Arts where he currently teaches the extended practice course in the short course program.

You can read the catalogue accompaniment by Gabriella D’ Costa here