Gallery 3 & 5
Shirin Towfiq, Elham Eshraghian, Elyas Alavi, Katya Abedian, Mahdi Aliyar, Mona Forghani, Mei Swan Lim, Manisha Anjali and Angelique Hiscock. Curated by Angelique Hiscock

Potluck is a group exhibition that incorporates emerging and established Australian and international artists. Potluck facilitates discussion on the need to listen, understand, empathise and most importantly, collaborate with voices that respond to the ever-growing demand to build a cohesive society. It adopts the perspective of mixed-cultural identities, contemporary religious voices, those with cultural beliefs and others who identify as migrants or refugees. The exhibition believes that such peripheral perspectives only enrich conversations and draw us closer to finding solutions in Australian society as a whole.

Public program: Potluck Conversation
Saturday 19 October
Free – Click HERE for more details

This project is supported by the City of Yarra through the Small Projects Grant program.