Comfortable Living is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Nabilah Nordin and Nick Modrzewski. The artists have invented a unique method of collaboration, working together in the studio to develop a shared language. Their intuitive process begins by sourcing materials from rubbish tips and building sites in order to construct what they imagine to be fallen monuments of contemporary life: scraps of wood are transformed into talismanic furniture and sport equipment is assembled from concrete and metal. Drawing upon art historical references such as Abstract Expressionism, Arte Povera, Pop Art and contemporary ‘unmonumental’ sculpture, Nordin and Modrzewski create a world that is familiar but enigmatic. Alternatively, Comfortable Living is a Cluster Blending Presentation. Here, tropical skin bellies new age monument. Football stadium parades intimate head romance and trophies for eczema. Baroque cutlery, legs and bricks stacked on daybed with marble blood mosaics underneath. This nomadic golf ball’s homecoming party!
This exhibition is generously supported by the University of Melbourne Student Union.