Gallery 3
New Shapes
Leisl Pfeffer

New Shapes is an exhibition of staged still-life photographs. Pfeffer assembles temporary arrangements of sculpted objects, which she photographs and then dismantles. By pursuing this laborious way of making photographs, she aims to address the material concerns of photography in an era of digitalisation. Photography used to promise a view of the world on a piece of paper, but today it is disposable and mostly screen-based. At a time when the photograph is increasingly dematerialised, this project attempts to rebuild photography as a physical medium and to encourage the contemplation of our experience of photographs as objects. In a kind of doubling like the mimetic nature of photography itself, these fictional worlds mimic the virtual worlds of computer generated images and 3D rendering. New Shapes is a world of constructed stages, of frames within frames, microcosms that invite us to reflect on the act of viewing.

Instagram: @lieslpfeffer