Gallery 2
Benjamin Sexton

There is a place in the Gulf of Alaska where people believe two oceans meet. Photographs show one body of water (light), and another body of water (dark), touching each other but not dissolving into each other. Are they not simply one body of water? After all, they are both wet and blue. The DVD symbol glides across the black screen, bouncing off the walls in a continuous, steady pace. Every now and then the stars align and the symbol is wedged perfectly into the corner. This moment: a byproduct of the programmed movement of the DVD symbol whose noble task is to save our screens from imprints left by an image sat on pause for too long. More often than not the DVD symbol isn’t bouncing off the corners, nor is the line between two bodies of water clearly defined, but I’d like to be there when it happens.

Keen is a new series of photographic work from Ben Sexton.

This project is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria program and the Abbotsford Convent’s c3 Contemporary Art Space.

Instagram: @unwarranted_advances