Gallery 5
Between You and Me
Laura Moore and Ron Adams

This exhibition presents two solo bodies of work with independent concepts but when placed together in conversation, expand in meaning. Facing each other these works reflect and bounce off each other in interesting ways, creating a space in between them that is void of judgment yet loaded with questions. Simple, yet essential questions about existence, self, relationships, perception and love and how we’re looking for those answers today. Ron Adams’s work invites an awareness of the way in which perceptions of ‘signs’ operate. You might call his artworks ‘meaning composites’. Understanding that emotion and thoughts are complex and abstracted things, and not able to be adequately pictured, Adams presents compositions that contain multiple elements and symbols. The works are like pages of an autobiographical narrative or account. Laura Moore’s large-scale portraits strive to capture both the adolescent subjects and the medium of photography during a shared period of evolution. Captured on a smartphone, with the phone then placed in the enlarger to make a traditional silver gelatin print. The entanglement of photographic histories and technologies results in portraits that become more unclear the closer you get to them.

Ron Adams is represented by Galerie pompom, Sydney.

All images courtesy Vivian Cooper Smith