Gallery 6
Amalia Lindo

Amalia Lindo’s practice considers image politics through the critical application of practical methodologies such as montage, archive and narrative. Elast(i)city offers the image as a point of departure through which viewers will be invited to think about how meaning is constructed; how it becomes distorted through virtual distribution and how it can be detached and drained of its original intent to produce specific or slanted narratives. The decoding of the photographic and filmic work presented in this exhibition require the viewer’s active participation in looking beyond the frame of habitualised representation. Lindo has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours) from Monash University.

This exhibition was awarded to Lindo as part of c3’s inaugural Graduate Prize with Monash University.

You can read the accompanying ficto-critical catalogue essay here: A Catastrophe that Never Comes

All images courtesy Vivian Cooper Smith