c3 + | c3 Annual Fundraiser
30th November- 10th December, 11am – 5pm 7 days of the week
OPENING LAUNCH: 30th November 6-8pm


In 2014, c3 launched a series of curated fundraising exhibitions to assist with the long-term sustainability of the gallery and to raise money to support artists by reducing the gallery fees and paying sales commission. While raising money was the goal of the show, the team was keen to work with fundraising as a creative concept.

This year c3 presents
c3 +
Art is not an object – it is an exchange
Connect with some of Australia’s most exciting artists at the Abbotsford Convent’s c3+ fundraiser. c3 Contemporary Art Space encourages risk and experimentation, as does our new c3+ fundraiser, linking artists directly with buyers to move beyond the transactional to create new works and new ways of engaging with the creative process. From live portraits to sound recordings, access to studio playlists, reading inspirations and collaborative opportunities, your time spent with artists will result in an experience tailored just for you. Talk, create and participate – knowing that 100% of proceeds from sales go to supporting artists, promoting sustainable careers and lowering gallery fees to support future exhibitions.

Exhibiting artists include: Aaron Rees, Adam Cruikschank, Ace Waggstaff, Adam Stone, Adrian Stojkoich, Alexandra Nemaric, Ali McCann, Alice Wormald, Alicia King, Annabelle Kingston, Anita Foard, Behn Woods, Benjamin Sexton , Betra Fraval, Carly Fischer, Dane Lovett, Dell Stewart, Diego Ramirez, Eleanor Butt, Emanual Rodriguez Chaves, Emily Floyd, Gabriel Curtin, Ingmar Apinis, Jessie Willow Tucker, Jon Butt, Jo Scicluna, Jonas Ropponen, Jordan Grant, Justin Hinder, Kate Rhode, Katie Paine, Kenny Pittock, Kent Wilson, Kez Hughes, Kirsten Perry, Lucas Golding, Masato Takasaka + Lisa Radford, Matt Fairbridge, Melanie Upton, Miranda Skoczek, Nat Thomas, Nat Ryan, Noriko Nakamura, Pip Ryan, Rachel Ang, Rachael Hooper, Rebecca Delange, Ross Coulter, Ruth O’Leary, Sarah crowEST, Sarah Ujmaia, Sean Meilak, Si Ma Va, Simon MacEwan, Sophie Neate, Tace Kelly, Tai Snaith, Tessy King, Tracey Lamb, Violetta Del Conte Race and Yvette Coppersmith- with more to be announced

You can access our online catalogue here. Sales can be made over the phone on: 9416 4300.