Presented in association with Constance ARI, c3 will be presenting work as part of the 2017 Hobiennale. This project brings together a large group of artist-run initiatives from across Australia and New Zealand, each curating an exhibition as part of the festival program. HB17 is showcasing the work of around 100 emerging and mid-career artists. It is a free festival that will occupy a range of existing galleries and unusual sites across Hobart. The extensive festival program includes exhibition openings, artist talks, music and performances. HOBIENNALE is the first festival of its kind in Australia and will continue bi-annually.

“Artist-run initiatives are grassroots organisations, led by groups of volunteers. HB17 believe that some of the most interesting, critical and diverse exhibitions are shown by artist-run initiatives, and that these varied organisations are incredibly important to Australia’s art landscape and to their respective communities.There is a national climate of uncertainty within the arts, influenced by changes to the structure of major arts organisations and diminishing funding opportunities. These changes will continue to have an impact on young Australian artists. HB17 aims to create a space for conversations around this issue to take place, and for organisations and artists to demonstrate current strengths and future potential to a wide audience.” Grace Herbert and Liam James- Contance ARI

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c3 Signal – A magnet for projectiles late at night

c3 Projects with Jon Butt + Arini Byng
Publication : Hannah Donnelly + Katie Paine

c3 Signal is both curatorial structure and an artwork. Internet-enabled LED beacons are situated at c3 and Kelly’s Garden and provide physical/conceptual context for a site responsive installation, performance work and a written publication that links c3 to SAC. c3 Signal is both curatorial structure and an artwork. Internet-enabled LED beacons are situated at c3 and Kelly’s Garden and remain connected at all times. Sensors in each space activate the system with your presence and send signals between each light. If you are in one space, you set off the sensor, send a signal and the light will pulse at the other space. You are both in one space and the other space, or more simply c3 and SAC become one place. As a curatorial structure, the project acts as conduit for ideas transmitted between each site. The idea is that whilst the project is running, we are linked in a number of physical and conceptual ways. The viewer becomes present in both spaces simultaneously, transcending time/space. The galleries are linked together to become one space and the abstract data of the internet process becomes a bridge or conduit for the signal.

For c3 Signal – A magnet for projectiles late at night, Jon Butt will work with artist Arini Byng and writers Hannah Donnelly and Katie Paine to work with the unseen and mysterious forces of Kelly’s Garden at SAC.

The curatorial provocation that Jon is working with came from the info pack for the SAC site, asking exhibitors to consider logistical factors such as the wind …”Even highly experienced artists have underestimated the power of the wind in this space…” and light sources ”…being a magnet for projectiles late at night”, Jon was struck by the incidental poetry of these statements referring to obscure and unseen forces and is asking participants to work with the two statements as well as some of the remnant historical layers/materiality of the site itself.

You can read the publication for this project here


3rd November
6pm onwards: Festival Launches*

*Locations varied, please check Hobiennale website for details

4th November

c3 Signal- A magnet for projectiles late at night
Before Taking Any Action– Performance by Arini Byng
Performance starts at 3.00 PM from TMAG courtyard
3.00 PM – 4.00 PM

c3 Signal – a magnet for projectiles late at night
Exhibition Opening
4.00 PM – 5.30 PM

5th November

c3 Signal-A magnet for projectiles late at night
Before Taking Any Action- Performance by Arini Byng

2.00 PM – 3.00 PM