Indoors is an exhibition of 9 small-scale, still life paintings; a ripe half-papaya – seeds glistening – a pair of boiled eggs, radishes, an eggplant, a pitcher, a pot. For Cosima Scales these paintings signal a departure from great-outdoorsy subject matter to more immediate, domestic fodder. Indeed they seem in classic “still life” form to celebrate material pleasures and remind us of the fragility and ephemerality of human life. And contrary to Scales’ usual method of painting from photographic reference material these works are painted from life; trading the infinite potential of the digital image for the fundamental and comforting simplicity of available objects. This approach is not grey in its everydayness but heralds a kind of right-here-right-now reverence. Really, they are about the joy of looking.

You can read the catalogue essay here