Of sampaguita, ilang-ilang contains narrations and reinterpretations of the sampaguita wreath – a common object and persistent industry found throughout the Philippines.

In fine white thread, sampaguita and ilang-ilang flowers are strung together to create fragrant garlands with practical and spiritual functions. They are most commonly peddled to people in transit, walking or in cars, and hung over rear-view mirrors or religious statues in homes and churches.

Working remotely from their locations in Laguna, Quezon City and Melbourne, the artists will respond to the meaning and value of the sampaguita and ilang-ilang as they are carried from place to place through the exhibition.

Czar Kristoff is an artist who works across still and moving images, intervention (virtual and physical), performance and publishing. His current practice is derived from his inquiries on function and memory. He lives and works in Laguna, Philippines.

Lesley-Anne Cao is an artist working primarily with text and objects. Her practice is focused on the quiet and inconspicuous vis-à-vis spectacle and significance in the context of art-making and exhibitions. At present, she is also working as an archivist for Green Papaya Art Projects and Asia Art Archive.

MJ Flamiano is an artist, curator and community arts worker. She endeavours to present critical and often playful investigations into sites and their cultural significance. Her present focus is on exploring Filipinx histories and diaspora through video installation, printmaking, and social engagement projects.

This exhibition has been generously supported by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts.